How can your services be free?

We are paid a commission by the restaurants that we represent for each event we book.

Why would a restaurant use your services?

To have a team of seasoned sales professionals working in-house at an independent restaurant would be cost prohibitive. The restaurant only pays for guaranteed business and does not absorb any of the costs associated with the marketing and sale of that business creating a win-win situation.

Do you mark up the menus?

We sell the exact same product at the same rate you would purchase it directly from the restaurant. Clients are welcome to review their bills on site and pay the restaurant directly.

How do I know that you will recommend the best venue for my group?

Restaurant Events is paid the same commission from the 60+ restaurants that we work with. We are under no obligation to refer a particular venue over another and have no quotas to meet.

Why should I call Restaurants Events instead of a restaurant directly?

We are available during regular business hours and reachable around the clock. We have current information and the ability to act on behalf of each restaurant, therefore our turn-around time is very short, usually within a couple of hours. Our proposals come via email complete with photos, descriptions and a sampling of menus within your price range. We will give you multiple restaurant choices based on your needs with one call. We will not try to “sell” you on a particular location but “advise” you on the best option based on our years of knowledge and experience with each venue in the area. When planning an event utilizing multiple venues such as a Dine Around or Progressive Dinner we will save you hours of phone calls.

What happens after we book a restaurant through you?

Whether you have booked one or many restaurants, we will contract the event, assist with payment including direct billing, and meet with the restaurant(s) to confirm the details. The day of your event we will advance the restaurant, deliver and place custom menus and re-confirm all of the details to ensure a flawless event. Depending on your specific needs we would be happy to assist on site.